These two links take you to options that allow you to transfer some tax obligations directly to us (most tax efficient):

Qualified Charitable Distributions

Appreciated Securities

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While theoretically deductible, the following donation methods are less likely to reach the new Standard Deduction threshold.

Credit Card: Online donations. Indicate your designation(s) in the comment field.

Check: Send your check, with any designation(s) written on the front, to Friends House.

684 Benicia Drive, Santa Rosa, CA 95409

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Since the following donation methods are built into the normal price of goods, they are not deductible to the consumer. However, they are easy and painless.

Join and choose charity #5803236, Friends House. routes corporate charitable donations to the charity of YOUR choice. Find participating enterprises near you (mostly grocery stores and restaurants) at, frequent the enterprise, pay with your registered credit card, and will route a small donation from the enterprise to Friends House at no additional cost to you. These corporate donations support Friends House general operations. In Sonoma County, Oliver’s Markets’ Community Card is an participant., as are several local restaurants. Scope: National.

Shop at instead of The shopping experience is identical except that you will be routing a small corporate donation to your chosen charity (“Friends House of Santa Rosa” of course) at no additional cost to you. This corporate donation also supports Friends House general operations. Scope: Wherever is available.

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Longer-term involvements: Our partners at Friends Fiduciary (, (215) 241-7272) can also help you and your regular advisors research and implement longer-term contributions to the success of Friends House:

Gift Annuities and Charitable Remainder Trusts: Which return payments to the donor or other beneficiaries for life, leaving any residue to Friends House.

Bequests: Phrases in your will or trust that assure that a portion of your estate will benefit Friends House.

We members of the Friends House community thank you, faithful donors, for your support and generosity.