Author: Laura Darling

Friends House joins Covia Communities

Friends House has merged with Covia Communities, an organization based in Walnut Creek that operates senior living, affordable housing, and community services.

Covia and the Friends Association of Services for the Elderly (FASE) have worked closely together since September 2018 when Covia began a management agreement with FASE to provide support and oversight for many of Friends House’s administrative functions. FASE and Covia agree that the merger of Friends House into Covia will continue a socially responsible and financially attainable option for non-profit senior living in Sonoma County.

Covia believes in helping individuals fortify their own health and purpose by building strong and engaging communities, connecting people with the services and relationships they need to thrive, and providing compassionate support.

In over 50 years as a nonprofit, public benefit organization, Covia is grounded in values of inclusion, social justice, and grace. Covia is committed to supporting the heritage and purpose of Friends House, including its Quaker values and cultural standards for simplicity, stewardship, integrity, equality, community, and peace.

“Friends House has a rich history which we are committed to honoring,” says Ron Schaefer, Chief Operating Officer. “Preserving not for profit options for older people has been a goal of Covia and this combination will ensure that this more financially accessible senior living option in Sonoma County can flourish.”

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